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Complex Disability

Page Down's Syndrome and Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Overview of Autistic Spectrum Disorder in Down's Syndrome
Page Identification of Difficulties Experienced With The Physical Application of Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aids and their Association with Auricular Anatomy
A small study aimed to identify more than normal difficulties experienced by a group of Down's Syndrome BTE aid wearers, auricular anomalies and any associations between the difficulties and presence of those anomalies.
Page Clinical Communication
The General Medical Council consider effective and sensitive communication to be one of the "essentials of basic clinical method". "Doctors must be good listeners if they are to understand the problems of their patients and they must be able to provide advice and explanations that are comprehensible to patients and their relatives".
Page Down's Syndrome and Childhood Deafness
Link to booklet on childhood deafness and Down's Syndrome
Page Sight Problems and People with Intellectual Disabilities
The fact that someone has a learning disability automatically increases his/her chance of experiencing a sight problem. However, there are specific groups of people within the intellectually disabled population who are particularly at risk of developing certain sight problems.
Page Health Guidelines for Adults with an Intellectual Disability
Nutritional well-being is recognised as an important factor in maximising growth potential, maintaining health, and improving quality of life and longevity.
Page Intensive Interaction: Using Body Language to Communicate
This technique facilitates positive engagement with children and adults, many of whom are on the autistic spectrum, and with whom communication is often difficult.
Page Hearing Impairment & Down's Syndrome
People with intellectual impairment often have difficulty processing speech, especially in noise, and in locating the source of a sound. A mild hearing loss will make these tasks even more difficult.
Page Visual Impairment: Its Effect on Cognitive Development and Behaviour
The effect of visual impairment on cognitive development and behaviour
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An understanding of the nature of intellectual disability is essential for health care professionals, who are required to support equal access to their services for all disabled people.