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Max Goes for a Check-Up For children going to the doctor for the first time or who are shy or nervous about the experience, it can be hard to talk about their thoughts and feelings. This book shows Max and his mother going to the doctor. Feelings, information and consent are all explained.

When the War Came word-free story tells of one family’s journey from Ukraine after war breaks out in their country. Children and adults who meet refugees and migrants in their schools and neighbourhoods will understand more about how it feels to leave home and family and move to a new country.

Lucy Goes Riding story shows Lucy trying out horse riding for the first time. Friendships are made and strengthened, and horse riding looks like something Lucy will do again with her friends old and new.

A Refugee’s Story story will enable refugees and asylum seekers to share their own stories about their homeland, their journeys and experiences, and will help build empathy and understanding amongst the communities who are welcoming.

Having a Baby book shares stories about two families. We meet them on their journey through pregnancy, childbirth and the exciting first few days of getting to know their new baby.  Parents-to-be will find the stories helpful so they can think about what happens during pregnancy and childbirth.

Financial crisis -  these resources provide useful information.    Scope: free energy and water advice to disabled people ......      Mencap: Easy read info, advice, and money help ....... Thinking Works:  Help to tackle fuel poverty

Down Syndrome legislation requires the government to publish guidance on the specific needs of people with Down syndrome and how those should be met.  This incredible achievement is due to the perseverance of Heidi Crowter, Baroness Sheila Hollins, Dr Liam Fox MP, and other campaigners: and…. More information on Down Syndrome Act 2022 and on  Mandatory Training in LD and Autism at

Covid-19 information. This section contains links to resources on Covid-19 for people with intellectual disabilities and their families and carers, and also provides an opportunity for discussion pieces on different aspects of this topic. Please see

Activist historians with learning disabilities – claiming our own history. 29 June 2022.  An exciting evening where activist historians with learning disabilities spoke about their work.  People with learning disabilities have been excluded from their own history more than any other group.  A new generation of activist historians are working with co-researchers to lay claim to their history, and tell it their way.  A recording of this online event is available at